Swoon Over Downtown Hotels in Erbil

Simply put, Erbil International makes life better on the road. That’s because we believe that human, heartfelt connections are what make life worth living. So we come to work every day eager to lavish them on our guests and each other. It’s nice to have that on your daily “to do” list. We started it. We were the first business hotel in Erbil, The first hotel in Erbil. “It’s a business hotel,” and people said, “A what?” No one had heard of such a thing — a place where you could stay that was more like someone’s beautiful, livable and stylish home than a big, impersonal hotel where no one really cares if you come or go. The exciting adjacent restaurants that envelop you with our signature style of heartfelt care.


Being Best Comes First



Travel to Iraqi Kurdistan

Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel's Head of Operations, Marc Leaderman, travelled to Iraqi Kurdistan for the first time earlier this year. He discovered a safe and fascinating destination with a rich history, extraordinary landscapes and warm, welcoming people. Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel will run its first group trip into this northern region of Iraq

Good Things Come To Those Who Stays