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Erbil International Hotel is a five-star hotel belonging to the Erbil International Hotels Group .
This group includes 3 Hotels & Resorts that working at the moment They are :

Shaqlawa International Hotel Khanzad International Hotel Erbil International Hotel

Erbil International Hotels group specializes for business and diplomatic conferences, as well as holiday resorts, all of which reflect the sense of place and take into account the communities that reside.

Hotel sits on a total area estimated more than 22,000 square meters which include the gardens,Parks,green spaces,water bodies and fountains .

Erbil International Hotel Consists of nine floors and contains 167 rooms. single rooms, double rooms and a variety of normal, medium, small and presidential suites

Multiple restaurants determined to a degree of luxury and an excellent level of home and abroad with decorations luxurious and oversees the hotel on Castle Erbil archaeological and gardens Shanader and the lighthouse

It also contains several restaurants east and west and the offices of business center and a hair salon and a coffee shop and in the center of the hotel there is a very large loopy to welcome guests and large,medium hall for meetings and conferences and private garage hotel can accommodate 150 cars and gardens and indoor,outdoor and childrens swimming pool, tennis courts and a health club has been designed interface hotel-style glass with the character of global modernity.

There are in Erbil International Hotel more than 275 employees Working to serve and to provide the finest five-star hotel for customers.

Whether you are on a business trip or need to leave in a relaxed atmosphere, Erbil International hotel is your desired

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