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Tourist Guide Erbil Citadel

Mediates Arbil, the capital of the province of Kurdistan, and is considered the oldest inhabited city since five thousand years of uninterrupted yet.

It is the teacher of civilization and the city's most prominent archaeologist. It was made ​​up of three neighborhoods called b (Galatasaray, Topkhana and hospice). Height above sea level 431 meters, "what rises around about 35 meters.

The Kurdistan Regional Government within recent years to vacate the castle of the population, in particular, and it's turned into a neighborhood inhabited only families with limited income after it was in the past, the most appropriate place for the supervision of the city, traders and senior figures able leadership.

The decision to evacuate within a project that aims to turn the castle into a civilized teacher and a tourist site frequented by lovers of antiquities wherever they are. The provincial government has allocated (based on a proposal from the province of Arbil) residential plots of land in the south-eastern suburb of the city for the inhabitants of the castle and opened the modern name of the castle on the new neighborhood named after the former location of residence (Castle of Arbil come).

The relevant authorities shall cooperate in the Kurdistan Regional Government with UNESCO for the rehabilitation and restoration of buildings castle heritage as a teacher great humanist heritage lofty saw on the vagaries of epochs and ages.

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