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Tourist Guide Geographic Of Erbil

The city of Erbil in the Kurdistan region in the region ( North ) of the Federal State of Iraq , which is the capital of the province of Kurdistan , and the second after the capital , Baghdad , in federal Iraq .

Located between latitudes ( 35.45-37 ) and length ( 43-45 ) .

Arbil is the highest area in the city and a height of 414 m above sea level .

The city is located in the middle of a high plateau broad plain called Arbil , which has a height of 390 m above sea level .

The western border of Arbil plain near the Tigris River The Bmrtf of Qrjug 50 km from the confluence of the lower Zab with the Tigris River . The parts of northern and north - eastern part of the province, is high and includes the most famous mountain ranges in the province of Kurdistan , where the summit of Mount Hsaarost the highest mountain peak in the region in the northeast of Erbil.

Erbil includes a large group of most beautiful resorts Kurdistan and distributed to various areas of the province .

There are four important foreign routes linking the rest of the city of Arbil provinces and regions and outside Iraq. Perhaps most famously by Hamilton which stems from Erbil and ends at the Haj Omran border crossing at the Iraqi-Iranian border . By Erbil - Kirkuk, which links between these two cities tasks , as well as this road connects Erbil Baghdad southward from Kirkuk and linking them through Kirkuk also Sulaimaniya eastward . There are two ways two other outdoor pools are also two important by Arbil - Mosul, and by Erbil - Dohuk. All of these main roads as well as a secondary roads are the arteries that connect Erbil to other areas of the province in particular and Iraq in general .

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