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Tourist Guide History Of Erbil

Erbil is the oldest inhabited city so far in the world. Her name appeared in the historic Leaders since about 3000 BC, where its name full of life and as a Sumerian property .

And According to Sumerian blogs , her name then ( Oorbeleom ) As stated in one of King s writings Sumerian Holeik the limits of 2000 BC . AD . The Sumerians were the first people appeared in Mesopotamia , and did not settle down until now scientists opinion about their origin are definitive and final . And hard so far is that the Sumerians were not Semites , but has not been decided between the two elements origin Caucasian and Mongolian . Most of the historians contend displacement of Kurdistan ( northern Mesopotamia : the current Iraq ) in the direction of alluvial plain in southern Iraq, where they established and built the first cities in the history of human civilizations .

And mention Akkadens in the second half of the third millennium BC name Erbil format ( Urbil ). The Assyrians since the middle of the third millennium until the middle of the first millennium BC , they they reported as ( Erbaelo ) any four gods .

In Age of Empires Iran under the name of Arbil as it was ( Arba ELO ), while without the Greeks named formats kit: Arabella , Erbalas , Erbelis saw parties Arbil, one of the most important historical battles (Battle of Arbela or Kokamila ) between Alexander the Great and Dara King Achaemenid in the fourth century BC in 331 BC . came the name of the city in the books historians and Albuldanyen the Arabs and Muslims format : Arpel and Erbil .

The Kurds called on their capital name ( Hawler ) . , There are many explanations for the difference between to Fezta ( Erbil ) and ( Hawler ) .

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