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The museum is a place that puts it allocates those artifacts that date back to the time and discovered as a result of research and excavations conducted by archaeologists , and are found in Arbil, several museums , including:
1 - Erbil Museum of civilization
2 - Textile Museum
3 - Castle Antekh .

Museum of Erbil civilization :
Erbil Museum building was built in 1989 and located near the hotel Jawargra The museum consists of three rooms painted and arranged according to the chronology .

The first hall :
At contain and Sanitary relics dating back to prehistoric times and the oldest stone tools found in them are dating back to the Paleolithic era , and found those effects in the cavernous Chander and Hazar Merd and return those pieces date and finds to around 60,000 to 45,000 a year. Also placed in the first hall of the museum is a collection of a lot of numbers and Neolithic tools and dating back to 7,000 years ago now .

The second hall :
Consists of a set effects dating back to the Alaorartoyen along with traces of the era of the Horites ( Jurien ) to the first millennium BC and also contain equipment and tools of the reign of the Assyrian and dating back to the ( 911-612 BC). AD , and the effects of the era Greyhound ( 312-139 BC). m, and traces of Fortien ( 139) BC . , and the effects of the city attended .

The third hall :
And relics are displayed in the hall third is related to the effects of the Islamic civilization and most of them go back to the Abbasid period (1258 m) along with instruments ( currency) dating back to different times.

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